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Employment Search Agreement

This is an employment search agreement between J Danielle, Inc. and client name herein after referred to as Employer.

  1. PLACEMENT FEE. J Danielle, Inc. agrees to furnish Employer an unspecified number of pre-screened, qualified employee candidates. Employer agrees to pay J Danielle, Inc. compensation equivalent to 15% of the employee’s approximate annual salary paid in full prior to the candidate’s first day of work. For temporary placements, a fee of 30% of the compensation the candidate earns while working for the client on a temporary basis will apply for this type of temp placement for as long as they continue to work for the client. Client will be billed monthly or after the temp assignment is complete by J Danielle, Inc. for temp placements. Candidates can be transitioned to a long-term hire at any time at the client’s request in order to finalize the placement. Doing so will be at the discounted 15% rate for the remaining months of the equivalent of one year.
  2. GUARANTEE. J Danielle, Inc. will guarantee a candidate for 90 days after the first day of employment for long-term placements. Should the candidate resign or be terminated within that time, J Danielle, Inc. will provide another qualified candidate approved by employer at no additional cost. Should that candidate not work out, the next placement would be at a discounted percentage. This guarantee is provided only if (a) J Danielle, Inc. receives written notice of resignation/termination within five business days of resignation/termination date, and (b) placement fee was paid when due. J Danielle, Inc. does not issue refunds.
  3. PAYMENT TERMS. Payment for placement of candidate is due upon receipt of invoice to secure the placement agreement and no later than Ten (10) days total from receipt and preferably before the first day of employment. J Danielle, Inc.is entitled to interest at a rate of 18% per annum on any overdue balances, with interest to accrue starting the candidates 15th day of employment. J Danielle, Inc.is further entitled to reasonable attorney’s fees and costs incurred to collect any overdue balances.
  4. RELEASE FROM LIABILITY. Employer agrees & understands that the candidate recommended by J Danielle, Inc.is acting as an employee of the Employer. Employer hereby releases J Danielle, Inc. of any liabilities, losses, damages, negligence or expenses on the part of the candidate accepted for employment. J Danielle, Inc. assumes liability for any false information given by J Danielle, Inc. regarding a candidate’s eligibility for employment.
  5. CONFIDENTIALITY. The identity and resume of each candidate referred by J Danielle, Inc. constitutes confidentiality and proprietary information and may only be used by Employer to evaluate a candidate, and may not be used for any other purpose or provided to a 3rd party; for example, in the referral of the candidate’s services. All referrals must go through the original, contracted staffing agency.

The terms of this agreement may only be modified with a writing signed by both parties.

Please sign and return at your earliest convenience.


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Signed by Jamie Danielle
Signed On: February 8, 2018

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